Meet Our Team

  • Melissa Miller
    Executive Chef

    Melissa’s hobbies include camping (preferably somewhere no one has camped before!), flying to take in the big picture, and cooking with friends. For over twenty years she has traversed the United States crafting good food – from New York all the way up to Alaska.

    Melissa has spent last six years with Bon Appétit, bringing her career full circle. Bon Appétit supports local farmers, offers the best tasting seasonal ingredients, and has sustainability at its heart – everything that she holds dear in personal life.

    (650) 849-2936
  • Robert Perez
    Chef Manager

    Robert has been in the food industry since he was 15 years old. His first job was as a bus boy at Red Lobster. After that, he worked for Round Table Pizza where he learned how to use a knife and make pizza dough. As a junior in high school, Robert took a tour of the California culinary academy which solidified his desire to join the food world.

    During his externship, Robert had the pleasure of working with Chef Mahaina in Oahu and, upon return to the mainland, joined Bon Appétit as a prep cook at Oracle’s Café 300.

    He loves working for Bon Appétit because of all the great people he works with.

    (650) 461-5818 Roberto.Perez@café

  • duron_headshot
  • David Duron

    Beginning at the age of 10, David helped his mother and grandmother in the kitchen. It was there that he learned how to cook and bake simple dishes. His love for cooking continued to grow and he eventually joined the California Culinary Academy (CCA) in San Francisco.

    After graduating from the CCA in 1994, he landed his first job at ‘The Inn at Spanish Bay’ where he worked for 18 years; moving up from a pantry line cook to a banquet chef.

    David’s favorite part of being a chef at Bon Appétit is working with the best, freshest ingredients and creating weekly menus using local, seasonal, and sustainable product.

    A nice complement on the food served in Café 3 is an honor to David’s biggest reward!

    (650) 849-2639
  • stadler_headshot
  • Jenelda Stadler
    Café Manager

    Jenelda was born in the Philippines and grew up in Sunnyvale, California. She earned a management degree from San Jose State University. Cooking is a very important part of Filipino culture and the past twenty plus years in the restaurant industry has taught Jenelda how to create healthy and diverse meals for her family.

    Her passion for food has recently brought her to Bon Appétit at SAP as a Café Manager. She is looking forward to a long and exciting career where the ‘food is great and the people are even better’.